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Re: Intrepid Updates

I may have overstated what I intended... or at least was unclear. I live in faith (I'm an American, it's required of me... ask atheists trying to be taken seriously here...). Seriously, I really expect to see Yorktown, much of which was shot in 1986, completed and released in 2013, the good folk from Star Trek Roddenbury, who released their last film in 2004 just released another eight years later, ("Retail Star Trek," it's in the Headline at Star Trek Reviewed as I type), the episode in the can at TOTSF will be released some day, too, and sometime, whenever the folk at Exeter decide to release the best film they can instead of the film they wish they had, (or, alternatively, the guys at Ajax rebuild their set and they take those missing shots...) last part of TTI. Yes, Virgina, there is Fan Trek... (Another American faith reference. Eugene Roddenbury just turned over in his grave...).

So, you understand, I never thought A Stone Unturned would NEVER be released. I just thought its delay could have acted like a bus which is stuck sideways on a two lane road, and blocked stuff up. Eventually, the tow truck comes or the fuel or whatever and gets the bus moving and out of the way, but you don't want to see, let alone get stuck in, that traffic jam...

(OK, folk, this was intended as mildly humorous, so if I just offended somebody, which seems to happen when I try to be funny in writing... let me apologize. That was not my intent.)
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