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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

When obsessing over continuity, it's important to remember that the Star Trek tv/film continuity is massively broken. There are numerous insurmountable continuity issues (for example, the TOS Enterprise could have made Voyager's journey in a month at warp 8.4 according to "That Which Survives", but Voyager would take 75 years at warp 9.975 according to "Caretaker" - and then the techical manuals try and say TNG era warp speeds are faster than TOS ones!). The only way to make it fit together as a cohesive whole is to treat it all like this. It's all the same story, even if the details don't match. That way, all the novels, comics, episodes and movies fit into one big happy vague history.

In other words, if the climate of Boreth spoils it for you, you're reading it wrong.
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