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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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Oh dear.

I hate to be so negative, but the first Die Hard movie is, for my money, the best action movie ever. And I love the next two in the series, even the much maligned Die Hard 2: Die Harder.

Die Hard 4.0 had its moments, but was let down by Les Wiseman's humdrum direction (sir, you're no John McTiernan) and the fact that someone took soap and water to John McClane's previously gloriously filthy potty mouth.

Those of us hoping for a return to form are unlikely to be heartened by the fact that DH5 will apparently pair up journeyman director John Moore (who so far has given us forgettable remakes of The Omen and Flight of the Phoenix, as well as May Payne and Behind Enemy Lines) with writer Skip Woods, of Wolverine and The A-Team fame (or forgettability).

Now, maybe this will be the movie where the two of them prove the naysayers wrong... but I'm not optimistic. Anyone care to change my mind?

After a long search process, 20th Century Fox and Bruce Willis have just chosen John Moore to direct Die Hard 5. The film will shoot in Russia

As for Die Hard 5, Moore is in final negotiations and was in the running through the entire search as Fox tried to find a filmmaker that pleased Willis and the studio execs that have to shoot this movie in Russia and bring it in on a budget and a tight schedule. Fox has been looking for a new director since Noam Murro left the picture after he got the job [COLOR=#0568f9]helming[/COLOR] 300: Battle Of Artemisia for Warner Bros. The studio started with a wish list of directors to helm the script by Skip Woods that included Joe Cornish (who directed Attack the Block), Fast Five helmer Justin Lin, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, and Moore. More recently, I’d heard Fox had conversations with helmers that included Gary Fleder, Paul McGuigan and 1408 helmer Mikael Hafstrom.

Moore didn’t have to necessarily sell Fox; the studio loves the Irishman. But he did have to convince Willis, who has been very hands-on in the selection of Die Hard directors. Moore and Willis had long meetings and Willis was swayed by Moore’s love for the John McClane character, and his grasp of how to shoot practical, non-CGI-heavy action scenes that have been a hallmark of the Die Hard series.
Well, hey--to be fair, say what you will about Wolverine having a weak plot--the film was FUN. It was filled with the kind of riveting, tough-guy, witty dialogue that John McClain would revel in. The characterization was excellent, and so on.

(But then, I'm not a faithful reader of the I wasn't nitpicking the film for those kinds of errors....)
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