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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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If we're going to play the "my understanding of the fictional rules of various universes is better than yours" game, then I'd argue that Fido takes place years if not decades after the "Zombie Wars" were won, and not weeks after the zombie apocalypse. Plenty of time for a society to establish itself, invent collars, etc. I'm fully with Santeria that these worlds are different and can't be held to each other's rules (except in the sense that genres do have rules), but if you really wanted to, you could explain the differences away by referring to the time scale.
I was just using Fido as an example of what can be done after an apocalypse. in that universe it worked, in TWD it may not and there is no hope. And lets not forget one of the greatest zombie movies of all time "Land of the dead"
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