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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I'm not saying that it's impossible for some kind of society to form in a zombie-ridden world, but it won't be anything even remotely normal or what we're accustomed to. Which was the point of this branch of the conversation, and why Rick has likely not told the others about what the CDC might have told him (about everyone already being infected). Because that knowledge would eliminate all hope of any kind of normalcy returning to these characters, diminished as it may currently be. Hope of finding a safe haven is the only thing they have, but if everyone is already infected -- meaning they don't have to be bitten to be turned -- completely and utterly negates that hope. Because no matter where they go, no matter who they live with, the threat of an outbreak will be there.
Did you even see the movie? In that universe every one is infected (and yes I realize it is a comedy but isn't everything)
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