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Re: Was Lt. Carey screwed over in Voyager?

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It's called the night shift.

Carey got to be in charge completely when B'Elanna was asleep.

What do you think happened?

Two Lieutenants working side by side during the day shift, and then when they both go to sleep the Ensigns run amok?

Of course, that means that Lieutenant Carey had to report to "Captain Kim" whenever shit got real.


If Carey was awake and on duty during the nightshift, what the hell is he doing hiding down in Engineering when he should be on the bridge?
I still think they could have done something with Lt. Carey in season 2 to 6, what's the point of introducing a supporting character, if all he does is only appear in the first season and then get killed off in the last season? His death would have been more dramatic if the character was better developed.
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