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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Fantastic Four 603-- The conclusion of the "Forever" arc. Johnathon Hickman wraps things up nicely here while still leaving enough open for future arcs. I am really interested in seeing comes of...

X-Men: Legacy 261/262-- XML 262 came out today, and based on what I've read online about the story, I decided to pick up the last issue and this (actually, I would've loved to have gotten the 260.1 issue as well, abut alas, it had sold out). I think I like this book because I now have a story to read on the Westchester side of the Schism without having to endure the relentless goofyness of WatXM.

Anyway, the story is this-- Exodus comes to the Jean Grey School looking to re-unite the mutant race by forcing Wolverine's side to go back to Utopia. Rogue and Wolverine convince him that the Schism is Cyclops fault, and thus he goes on his merry way to kill Cyclops.

Now, despite their differences, nobody on Wolvie's team wants Scott dead so they head out in pursuit. Rogue thinks that Utopia deserves a heads-up, but Wolverine wants to clean up his own mess (largely so he doesn't have to hear Scott say "I told you so"). Rogue goes behind his back and gives the Extinction Team on Utopia the heads-up (Secretly hoping that her boyfriend Magneto would swoop to the rescue). The issue ends with Wovie's team getting ass-kicked and reinforcements arriving in the form of...

Avengers Academy 26-- Solid issue that wraps up the "Second Semester" arc. However, the highlight here wasn't the story, but rather a letter from a homophobe accusing Christos Gage of having a political agenda and writing age-inappropriate stories by including gay characters. Gage's thoughtful, well-resonsoned reply is a masterpiece.

It has caused waves on the CBR boards and elsewhere, with poster The Ronin posting it on his Facebook page and sending it to George Takei in hopes of him reproducing it on his "It's OK To Be Takei" blog.

Here is the letter and Gage's response...

I also bought the new Captain America and Bucky today, but have not yet read it.
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