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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Armogosa Observatory.. which got hammered in Generations.
B is for that Baseball on Sisko's desk
C is for Calrissian chameleon (Star Wars reference in A Night in Sickbay)
D is for Deuterium (a Heavy Hydrogen Isotope used as the matter part in the M/AM reactor)
E is for Edward (Miles O'Brien's middle name)
F is for Federation Starship Enterprise
G is for Gravity Boots (Star Trek VI: TUC)
H is for "Headin' Out to Eden" (Yea, Brother!.... Grab your Bicycle Rim Harp & join in!)
I is for "I'm omnipotent again!!" -Q
J is for Jean-Luc Picard
L is for Lexington, U.S.S. (NCC-1709) Commodore Bob Wesley's ship in "Ultiomate Computer".
M is for Majestic U.S.S
N is for Navy-man, Malcolm Reed came from a long line of
O is for Omicron Theta
P is for PHASed Energy Retification, the process of a Phaser's working.
Q is for Quantum Torpedoes
R is for Reactor Breach. Which seems to happen too easily on Federation starships, given the level of technology they appear to have. Nobody ever just shuts off the fuel flow to the reactor. Too easy.
S is for Shirtless Sulu in "The Naked Time"
T is for T'Pol and T'Pau's mindmeld
U is for Urination, which is what Zephram Cochrane said he needed to do to get away from the Enterprise's awe-struck crew.
V is for Vaal
W is for Walker Keel
X is for XO or Executive Officer. Which some starship captains refer to as Number One.
Y is for Yuta (of the Clan Tralesta)
Z is for Z-Particle
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