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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Facts are neutral. How you got those facts could be evil which makes your actions evil, not the facts. Dumb, dumb, dumb dilemma.
Facts aren't completely neutral. Accepting knowledge obtained through unethical means justifies the unethical actions as if they were acceptable. You can't change the past and can't control the future, but you can avoid encouraging the repetition.

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"Nothing Human" is an illogically written piece of horsesh*t in my opinion. Nothing about it makes sense to me whatsoever


Personally I think it was trying too hard to shoe-in some kind of important message about medical experimentation but forgot to make it make sense.
It felt forced like they were trying to pull off TNG but forgot they weren't TNG. I give them props for trying but that's it.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Imagine if some French guy, for the good of the planet neutralized all the nuclear power stations in America and Russia.

Hero or terrorist?
I'd go with hypocrite since France generates nearly 80% of its electricity from nuclear plants. They rely on nuclear more than any other country.

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Lt. Stadi would have been helpful to the mission had she not gotten herself killed in Caretaker. She was a Betazoid, too.
Stadi would have been helpful to the show, imo. Alicia Coppola was smoking hot in her limited scenes.
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