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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

Put me on the list of people that would like to see them do both an X-Men: First Class sequel AND X-Men 4. I think they could do it, particularly if they could get Vaughn to direct the next prequel while Bryan Singer directed X4.

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I really felt "First Class" felt more like a reboot, aside from the appearances of Mystique and Xavier's mansion and wheelchair; the biggest discrepancies were Magneto gaining his helmet so early (and Xavier knowing about its power) and Mystique apparently not having such a traumatic childhood and bitter attitude (although it would be interesting to see what embittered her, including against Xavier, in sequels).
It would be cool to see Schreiber as Sabertooth in a third movie meet Magneto and somehow morph into the Mane version.
I got the impression that Mystique did have a rather traumatic childhood prior to finding Xavier. It's the reason why she was an orphan breaking into random people's houses to begin with. As for why she turned against Xavier, I think it's because:
(1) he never explaned the Westermarck Effect ( ) to her and
(2) Magneto is a really smooth operator who's able to convince a hottie to walk around naked for the rest of her life.

As for Liev Schreiber, I'm of the personal opinion that, in the movie universe, Victor Creed & Sabertooth are not the same person. They're played by different actors. They're never once referred to by the other name, not even in the credits, when nearly everyone else is. And Sabertooth doesn't act as if he has any idea who Wolverine is.

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Funny how talented artists only need four minutes to convey a message and make a solid point, while for others, not even 70 minutes of semi-coherent nerdrage isn't quite enough.

These HISHE toons are true gems, IMO.

Offtopic bonus:

Classic shit right here...
Both very funny. But the best/worst would have to be the one they did for Spider-Man 3. That one completely ruined the actual movie for me forever.
"And no narrating!"
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