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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

I was just 2030 the kids look to be somewhere between 16 and 18 (maybe a little younger, but not much). If the writers intend to keep that timeline and not pull something like they did with the Robin episode back in January Ted's going to have to get a girl pregnant probably next season, or they'll have to reveal the kids are adopted or something.

It's a good point that Barney and Robin are in different places on the kid topic which does lend itself to her NOT being Barney's bride. Wasn't that the whole reason Robin and Ted broke up in the first place at Lily and Marshall's wedding, they didn't have the same ideas of where their lives were going?

Honestly I need to get the DVDs off Netflix sometime and watch the show in order. I've only ever had a mishmash of syndicated episodes thanks to the local fox affiliate. They tend to replay the same episodes quite a few times and I'm probably missing a few connecting points that might be important (like Barney finally met his father?).

Yes Ted is kinda boring (we know where his story is going, just not when it's going to get there), but so are Lily and Marshall at this point in a way. Once they have their baby their story's pretty much done aside from a few crazy kid antics episodes. Robin's interesting because her story could go any direction at this point same for Barney (though we do know he gets married at some point, likely in the near future).
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