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^ I dunno, I think it's possible, Miranda is one of the weakest in that part of the collector mission. If you've got enough of the tougher squadmates with you, Garrus, Grunt, Zaeed, for example (and yes, I know you can only have 2 at a time) or one of them escorted the crew back, and if most of the rest aren't loyal, you could probably have Ms. Lawson, not make it back. It would probably require almost nobody else surviving the Hold the Line part of it though.
Well he said he's already done all the loyalty missions save Legion's which makes things very difficult.

But let's see. Now, assuming he has all the upgrades that means he'll have a full team going in. Grunt, Garrus and Zaeed are the strongest on the line so they're the ones you'll want to get rid of, one way or another. You could send one back with the crew and pick the other two to go with you for the final boss but then you'd have (assuming Morden is killed in the vents) Thane, Jack, Legion, Samara, Jacob, Tali, Kasumi AND Miranda to hold the line. That's enough to get Tali killed, but not Miranda. You have to arrange for Tali, Jack and Kasumi to not be on the line with Miranda *as well as* those top three defenders.

I just ran it through the SMSC utility and even without the upgrades, sacrificing Tali as the fireteam leader, Mordin in the vents, Thane in the weapons check, Jack in the armour check, Kasumi in the shields check, Samara by way of the seekers with Miranda or Jacob as the biotic *AND* making sure Zaeed goes back with the crew while Grunt and Garrus stay with Shepard for the boss fight...Miranda still lives because she still has Jacob and Legion.

And as I said, even that's all assuming he didn't bother upgrading and I still can't see a way to kill her off.

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Finally got around to playing the multiplayer demo. So far it's okay, but aggravating, largely due to the fact that I can't get a full team of 4 and most of the time I go in with 2-3 and the rest of the team bolts, leaving me by my lonesome, getting XP very slowly and never any credits.

Bioware may need to introduce a Bot system for those situations.
It may not be a nice thing to do, but I tend to quit out of lobbies that don't have at least two people already waiting (after the count of ten) and just keep searching till I find one. Yeah, it's irritating, but it beats sitting around forever waiting for people to get their shit together.

Not sure how well a bot would cope in this sort of game. They were only somewhat useful in L4D and that was mostly because all they did was stick close by you. A lot of the time the worst thing you can do is all bunch up like that. The best tactic is usually to spread out far enough that you can cover each others flanks, but not so far you can come a running on a few seconds notice.

One of the most annoying things I often see on the Novaria level is everyone crowding by the upper platform, all trying to get insta-kills as the baddies come round the corner below. Most often this means they totally ignore everything else and muggins here finds himself dealing with the landing pad AND the corridors on his own. It's right up there on the infuriate-o-meter with snipers who stand next to you while you're in cover, blocking your view so you can't lean out and get a clear shot. I even had one guy try to push me out of cover. Got even later though when I left him to deal with an Atlas all by his weak infiltrator self. Would have survived too if he had brains enough to just cloak and run past the thing. But no, he had to try and snipe in from a dead end corner of the map.

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