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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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How did you get some much dilithium from Doff missions?

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On Klingon side, turning over confiscated contraband nets you 2k dilithium on a non-critical(!) success. Forced labor assignments net you 500 dilithium on non-crits.
Confiscated Contraband does that on the Fed side too (it the one doff mission I always look for first).

In this case I turned in a Confiscated Contraband (2000), A standard Forced Labour (500) and a critical Forced Labour (1500!) on my Orion. Two of my Fed toons also had completed Contraband missions, so it was 8000 from just 5 Doff assignments.
Do you have to be in any specific sector for those?
Normally find Contraband missions in Sirus for Federation and Omega Leonis For Klingons. Forced Labour I've found in several sectors.

My total today has just hit 14500 and that is from Doff missions alone. I have another Contraband that should complete before the end of the day too (so I'm looking at topping 17000 just from doff missions today - Now I'm going to play some missions too )
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