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Ranking trek ships with Naval classes?

So many people reference ships as cruisers,warships,scouts etc...I'm just wondering if its accurate to do so. since in the navy battleships carry large capital cannons and smaller frigates only carry CIWS and few missiles while in trek all ships have almost same weapons Phasers,Disruptors and torpedoes some have more then other but nothing else is different.

Do you think its possible to label them with navy terminology?
ill give it a try tell me what do you think. and please correct any trek spelling mistakes thanks.

just to give you a few ides

Destroyer>Frigate>Corvette are small to medium heavily armed vessel with many missiles and high speed combat they protect Cruisers and battleships.tho they lack long range ability and defensive power they can put holes in bigger ships.( seems like the Defiant)

Cruisers have many sub-classes and vary a lot in ability and task,tho they are medium to large sized vessels above average armaments and long range capacity and above average defenses their speeds vary depending on size and can handle most threats (seems like the Galaxy[that ship is just too weird and difficult to be classified],Intrepid)

Battleships,largest and most powerful vessels have a lot of weapons,usualy able to destroy inferior tier ships easily and shrug off most damage.(''Borg Cubes" o.o)

Naval Tiers from weakest to strongest (tho each tier serves specific use to the fleet) :

1-Scout (Hideki, Borg scout,Peregrine)

2-Science/Hospital ship (Obereth,Nova,Olympic,Raven)

3-Corvette (B'rel,Miranda,Saber,Norway,Borg probe)

4-Frigate (Centaur,Steamrunner,Dominion bug ships,Breen ship)

5-Destroyer ( Defiant,Galor,K'vort,Borg Diamond)

6-Cruiser (Constellation,Excelsior,D7,Constitution)

7-Medium cruiser (Intrepid,Nebula,Vor'cha,Keldon,Norexan)

8-Heavy cruiser (Galaxy,Akira,Ambassador)

9-Battle cruiser (Sovereign,Prometheus,De'derix,Neg'hevar, Borg Sphere)

10-Battleship (Dominion battleship,Borg Cube,Hunshock ship,Krenim time ship)

11-Dreadnought or Battleship + (Borg Tactical cube,Scimitar)
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