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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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How did you get some much dilithium from Doff missions?
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Critical successes on almost any assignment normally give a good dilithium payout.
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On Klingon side, turning over confiscated contraband nets you 2k dilithium on a non-critical(!) success. Forced labor assignments net you 500 dilithium on non-crits.
Confiscated Contraband does that on the Fed side too (it the one doff mission I always look for first).

In this case I turned in a Confiscated Contraband (2000), A standard Forced Labour (500) and a critical Forced Labour (1500!) on my Orion. Two of my Fed toons also had completed Contraband missions, so it was 8000 from just 5 Doff assignments.
Do you have to be in any specific sector for those?
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