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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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We've seen the mother's foot in the apartment of the girl Ted dated for awhile. It was her roommate. So unless Robin was living with a roommate and they never put two and two together... No Dice.

It will NEVER be Robin.

Despite what Marshall did in saying "Not Yet" to Lily.


They could go a different Route and have the mother be named "ROBIN" too I guess.
I agree, though actually the mother's name should be Theresa (I think that was what it was). There was one episode where he joked about a stripper being their mother, and the stripper had given her name, and I think that name was Theresa, so we know that much!

I also think that the Barney marriage question will be between Robin and that blonde girl that he met and was blowing him off, and I think he'll choose the other one. One problem is that Barney has decided firmly that he wants kids, too. And that's pretty in character considering he could only accept his brother's marriage when he found out they were going to adopt a kid. I really don't think they can wind up together.

Plus we have to find out about Robin's "shirt" guy, and if she winds up with anyone, I think it will be him. They did make a big deal about her "not being alone" because she had them, though, which would indicate she might not actually even get married.

I think they'll actually introduce the mother in the last episode, but there will be increasing amounts of build up of how their relationship develops before then, so that essentially we know everything that came before, and everything that came after, and the actual moment is in the last episode. Like we already know some of the things he finds really cool about her (plays bass, paints robots, has the same music), where they go on their first date, and when he first tells her he loves her. One thing I'd LOVE if they did is brought it back and had the mother be the girl from the dating service who he had cancelled on because of Robin. That would essentially mean that she and Ted were perfect for each other, but that Ted had needed to grow (he had said something in one episode about how this was also the story of how he became who he needed to be to get together with the mother). She might be a little too young for that, any rate it would be cool if they brought that back.

Very funny about the sandwich and the movie, I did not notice either of those things!!
Did he just call me a luddite?
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