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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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Indeed. Also I would understand the criticism if DTI: Watching the Clock were written in a dry type of way, but Christopher's style of writing is hardly anything like that. Granted, some of the techno talk can be a bit confusing, but I've never had any problem following what Christopher describes in any of his novel. I don't consider myself a huge tech guy either. Christopher has a very fluid style that is mostly easy to follow and the books of his that I've read are pretty well paced IMO.
I agree 100%. One of the common faults I find in "Hard SF" authors is that their writing style--especially when describing tech/science concepts--is dry and boring, like a bad text book (And this is coming from someone who likes to read text books). Christopher's Trek Lit is as close to Hard SF as Trek can get, IMO, but is never dry or boring.

And I think, though I have made the mistake myself, it is insulting to call what Christopher does "techno-babble." Techno-Babble is meaningless verbiage that has a technical sound to it. By and large Christopher's technical-talk has a firm basis in real science & is one of the few author's I've seen that excel at taking techno-babble and making rational sense out of it.

I loved DTI:WTC and cannot wait for the next DTI installment!
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