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Re: Intrepid Updates

I really wish I had an answer for you, but at this point it's very much up in the air. The episode itself has been visually complete for well over a year, but we've been delayed by two things. Firstly, the person responsible for the score has been busy with other projects, and we've been waiting for his schedule to open up. And secondly, we had some serious issues with the dialogue track, so much so that we've had to ADR much of the dialogue. Now that in itself isn't a disaster, but the biggest hurdle has been Giles Aston's schedule. We have people lined up to do his ADR with him, but trying to find a time when everyone's schedules align has been problematic.

It'll undoubtedly see the light of day eventually, because I refuse to let everyone's work go to waste, but in the meantime we're focussing on pushing on with our next projects.

Sorry the answer isn't more helpful, but that's where we're at.
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