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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

Huzzah. Robin Wood. I'd been wondering where the hell he'd gone, since appearing in two panels of Season 8 #6, he vanished and was never mentioned again. What was he doing during all the S8 shennagins.

I only got the issue last night, and have just been looking through some of Whedonesque (as I avoided it having not read the issue) gee people seem to be trying to make a bigger deal as possible about this. Sick of reading stupid interviews with Joss, Andrew Chambliss or Scott Allie asking "who is the father?" "will Buffy go ahead with the (spoiler)?" etc
What a stupid question, like they'd just reveal it.... although saying that they were dumb enough to spoil the Twilight reveal so maybe, I look forward to a future new cover image revealing who the father is months before I read it in the issue
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