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Re: The 12 Worst Star Trek: DS9 Episodes Ever

AdmiralScreed wrote: View Post
Can't remember the name, but there was one episode where the DS9 crew played baseball with a group of Vulcans. Now THAT was bad...
And I haven't taken the time to compile a worst list yet, but I do agree with a couple on your list. I don't think Move Along Home is as bad as most people say, though. It's just a fun little romp that's neither good nor bad IMO.
Seven of Five wrote: View Post
Take Me Out To The Holosuite? I love that episode!
Haha, I have a soft spot for this episode. Granted, it ran with the trek-notion that our logical/emotionless Vulcans actually are as arrogant, spiteful and petty as Dudley Dursley from the Potter series. But, I enjoyed it ... especially when Sisko gets pissed and kicks Rom off the team hahaha
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