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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Have tried that, and understand the plan just fine (2 guard Kang and heal when needed, other 3 wreck shipyards one at a time, leave cubes at 10% or so, then blow all 3 together). Getting that plan to WORK, and also keep some idiot from blowing one of the cubes, resulting in a Raptor mob, is another story...
Completely agree (especially as that idiot last time was me). You really need a group who know what they're doing to complete this.

On an unrelated note: I turning in last nights Doff missions this morning yielded over 4,000 dilithium on my Orion toon and a total of over 9,000 across all five toons. All I did to get this was set them up and sleep. I'll get the DS9 bundle in no time at this rate.
How did you get some much dilithium from Doff missions?
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