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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Have tried that, and understand the plan just fine (2 guard Kang and heal when needed, other 3 wreck shipyards one at a time, leave cubes at 10% or so, then blow all 3 together). Getting that plan to WORK, and also keep some idiot from blowing one of the cubes, resulting in a Raptor mob, is another story...
Completely agree (especially as that idiot last time was me). You really need a group who know what they're doing to complete this.

On an unrelated note: I turning in last nights Doff missions this morning yielded over 4,000 dilithium on my Orion toon and a total of over 9,000 across all five toons. All I did to get this was set them up and sleep. I'll get the DS9 bundle in no time at this rate.
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