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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

Sorry to pull a little thread necromancy here but I thought after this week's episode it was appropriate...

Intellectually I knew Robin and Ted would never happen (she's been Aunt Robin to the kids since season 2 or so, if not from earlier I think) but I was still rooting for it to happen anyway. Last night was just heart breaking for me. Ted's so willing to throw his own happiness away for Robin and she just tosses it in his face time and again. Poor Ted, I hope they get closer to revealing the mother soon.

It does though, along with seeing the episode where Robin asks Ted to be her best man in reruns today, confirm to me that Robin and Barney aren't through. I'm almost sure now that it's Barney and Robin's wedding we flashed forward to at the beginning of this season. They've danced around each other all season and now both are single and Robin's ready to say yes to someone (just not Ted apparently).
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