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Re: TOS On MeTV?

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Well, first, Lost in Space remains a cult favorite TV series whatever one's personal opinion of it. And second, with DVRs, does it matter what show is a lead in? If Petticoat Junction was on before Trek, would that hideous program keep people from watching? Nope. People who want to watch Trek on TV will watch it.

I'm bummed that my local affiliate cuts to Paid Programming for the overnight hours - when the shows I really want to see are suypposed to be run. Mother Frackers.
Well, first-- what's wrong with you people? I LOVE Petticoat Junction. LOVE IT I TELL YOU. And second, agreed: I don't have a DVR, but I do have a remote control. So I don't have to commit to a single station for the entire evening.

Our first MeTV affiliate was doing that, and also showing different shows after ten at night. The new one shows all the programming, and it's great. Nothing like sitting up with Honey West at 2:00 AM.
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