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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I thought the moral dilemma was rather trite and artificial myself.

We all know the Naz...excuse me, I mean the Cardassians...did horrible things to the Je...Ga...Pol...Bajorans, but how does it honor the sacrifice of those who were killed to simply discard any medical advances that may have been discovered, advances which could save who knows how many people? Just because a discovery was made through unethical means doesn't mean that putting that discovery into practice is unethical. The problem is the means, not the ends.
That happens after decades of time has passed.
The Federation doesn't know the Nazi' or what they did during WWII. That's something in history books that happened centuries ago to them. What happened between the Cardassians and Bajoriens just ended a few years ago. All those graves of those people that were experimented on in the name of science are still fresh. The young Bajorian children that had to witness all that are only in there late 20's early 30's. For them, all that Mossett did just happened like it was yesterday. By the time Voyager left DS9, the Cardassains had only been gone from Bajor 4 years ago maybe. It makes prefect sense that such a dilemma is brand new for them.
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