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Re: SFX Sexiest Characters in SciFi and Fantasy

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Anne Francis' Ariel from "Forbidden Planet" doesn't rate? For shame!
It's not like you can't vote for 1 character who isn't on the list.

I voted for Spike, Fassbender's Magneto and (write-in 'other' option) Wolf (The 10th Kingdom). If I had to choose 3 from the list, I'd also vote for Mitchell (Being Human). And I feel bad that I didn't vote for Spock (I'd go for Nimoy in TOS days over Quinto).

It was even more difficult for the women. In the end I went with Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman, Kira and Six (I don't like her as Head Six, but I do as Caprica, Gina, Natalie etc.). So many girlcrush-worthy that I didn't vote for: Buffy, Faith, Darla, Uhura, Jessica from True Blood... It was hard deciding not to vote either Buffy or Faith, but I wouldn't want to choose one over the other so in the end I voted neither. (Besides, I love Buffy, but more in the relatey way than in the girlcrushy way, and I've been rewatching season 3 and Buffy's fashion choices in that season are really killing the appeal.)
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