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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

trekkiedane wrote: View Post
This reminds me: I just bought insurance... for the first time in my life
They have you now. There is no longer any escape.

C. Cole-Chakotay wrote: View Post
I ordered the Bella and Edward Twilight wedding dolls.
To stick pins in them?

auntiehill wrote: View Post
Picked up this awesome sweater duster...
I always like the look of those. They're a good way of creating an nice silhouette without extensive tailoring.

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
4) The Best of the Original Basil Brush Show
The original is much sharper than the more recent ones. Good choice!

ares93 wrote: View Post
21x Motorola(Symbol) ES400 3080mAh batteries. Turns out every unit had a dead battery. Apparently, you should charge lion batteries one in a while or they kick the bucket.
What are you going to do with the 20 phones? I have visions of them being networked together into some kind of proto-Skynet....

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