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Re: the next Trek TV series preview discussion

They should time its premiere in the same year as a Star Trek movie (ideally for the 2013-14 season, or if not, the movie after that) and run ads during the summer that tie in the TV series with the success of the movies.

I'd guess that the series would do best launched in the fall, but I wouldn't be surprised at a summer launch. It would piggyback on the movie even better than way, and avoid the dreaded possibility that the movie might not be as successful as XI, and might be a negative by the fall. The series is not very likely to be on broadcast, and summer debuts have done well for cable series, such as Falling Skies.

Which is not to say the TV series needs to be linked in any literal way with the movies. Could be completely different characters, century, maybe it won't even be clear which universe it's in.

And that's true even if Abrams, Orci and/or Kurtzman are involved. It's easy enough for a preview ad to make that linkage without there being much of substance behind it, other than, "everyone loves this, you love this, now you can see more of this."

They should pretend that Star Trek was never on TV before. No reference to any other series, not even TOS. It might be tempting to use the idea that there have been five series in the franchise - that's an amazing track record, after all - but it's a risk, since it also reminds everyone of the reputation the franchise got for being a lame-ass joke. On balance, I'd say they should steer clear of that in favor of taking the movie philosophy: Fresh Start.
or like the Glee pilot screening do you think they would plan it a year in advance to produce the pilot and have a special screening to get feedback from fans before moving forward?
No, they should just make a good series that is well crafted to the audience of the channel where it's being shown, and then do the usual internet/social media promotions, including pre-release of promos. That sort of stuff is very standard. They'd probably do some special-event type promos for Trekkies, maybe hosted in movie theatres to piggyback on the movies.

Other factors are far more crucial, like the time of year the series will launch; what message they are going to build the ad campaign around (deciding such question as how much they'll tie it to the movies vs the previous TV series); how to build on the movies' success; and most importantly, what channel the series is going to be shown on. Those factors will drive the series' content, which in turn will drive the promotions.
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