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Re: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey 2x01

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A 1.) Who provided the prosecution with the knowledge that O'Brien and Hughes overheard potentially incriminating comments from Bates? Thomas would be a likely candidate, but he seemed too wrapped up with trying to get promoted to valet.
Agreed 100%, the questions the prosecution were asking seemed like they had to have some inside knowledge.

Poor Bates, just can't catch a break. The support he had from most of the staff (even O'Brien!) and the Crawleys was great to see though.

Didn't really want this season to end, I highly enjoyed it. I for one am quite happy Matthew and Mary finally decided to get married - I couldnt' stand Carlisle and his nouveau riche attitude.

Thomas' ups and downs were interesting as well, what a douchebag though for kidnapping Isis. I can't believe it ended up working in his favor, and to boot he's a war coward! Guy always winds up on his feet, you have to admit.

The whole World War 1 angle was just epic, very interesting to see it through the eyes of the Abbey.

Maggie Smith was amazing, as always.

Edith is in love as Bates is in life. Poor girl - she did really come out of her shell this season though.

Isobel Crawley was pretty much the only thing that grated on my nerves, which is interesting because I adored her in season 1.

Did I hear correctly that we won't see the 3rd series until next January? Pity.
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