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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

That's a pretty awesome drop rate. I spent basically all day Monday doing STF runs (ran several with Daizen), and didn't get squat. 1 or two Prototype Salvages, but no new parts. Up to like 95 EDCs, so almost ready to buy a full ground set (Mk XI). Figure buying the ground set is smarter, never going to run enough ground to get a set there. Then again, the Mk XI space set would probably be of more use, even though I've got a Mk XII shield. Annoying that you can't incorporate higher-Mk gear towards a set.

i.e. if you have two Mk XI parts and a Mk XII, should count as a set at the Mk XI level. Should be a full set at whatever the lowest-ranked piece of gear in the set is...
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