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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Generally speaking, a script would indicate that.
Generally speaking? No. Some writers insert a lot of parentheticals into their dialogue but the practice is not really loved by directors or actors so most use them very sparingly. If delivery isn't indicated by context then it's pretty much open.
Why isn't the practice loved?
Most basically, because no one - actors, directors or short-order cooks - likes to be told how to do what they do.

If the essential meaning of dialogue can't be derived from context, most of the time it's badly written.

For example, there are some well-known screenwriters who do put a great deal of camera direction, etc. into their scripts but that too is exceptional - almost any director is going to ignore that kind of thing. Yet beginning writers tend to get the idea that this is somehow the standard and to imitate that idiosyncracy, too.
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