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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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-There's the pact with the devil aspect of course carried over.
With the contract lookin' more like a modern legal document instead of a scroll. He signs it with blood after smashin' his hand with a beer bottle instead of an accidental papercut. And the animated intro suggests Papa Blaze actually got to a hospital, not just sufferin' through outpatient appointments.

And a different actor playin' the Devil this time out.

-Then some further detail about what type of "demon" is bonded to Blaze as the Rider.
Meh...that was just to help this story, without havin' anything to do with the first one. Not like he burned blue when he pointed at the innocent kid in the holdin' cell...

-The aspect of the Rider having an aversion to daylight is a carry over, then remedied.
He was able to go "flame on!" durin' daylight hours, but still in shadow, at the end of the first movie. He should be over the 'aversion' by now...

-The fact he mentions he's been on the run, which is ambigous I suppose but it sounds like a line to let the viewer know "since you last saw me in the US, this is why I'm in Europe now"
And I bet he rode his motorcycle all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, too...
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