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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

2 things:
create a database library of words from new vocal recordings for the ship's computer. I've detailed it how it would be done if CBS/Paramount were to use Majel Barret's voice in the future.

If a new voice actor were chosen perhaps the producers would start on a database library from the first recordings of this new actor. If they do use a new actor over time I'm really going to miss Majel Barret's voice as the computer when watching VOY, TNG, & ENT episodes.

another thing is a CGI likeness of all the principle cast for creating stunt shots with CGI dolls and the actor's likeness. I think each actor would be face scanned during the first season after the pilot for use whenever needed
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Wouldn't it be cool, when CGI becomes so sophisticated that they can make new episodes that look like real TV including the actors.

They could produce endless new TOS episodes and movies that look like the original actors were in it, and for the price of what the animation would be.
and after reading this idea for use down the road if ever needed for a movie or something. While not TOS but whatever the new series is called if they ever wanted to use this actor in their present look in a future Trek series having that high resolution CGI data from a facial and body scan would be ideal. Also this data could be used for videogames including the character.
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