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SFX Sexiest Characters in SciFi and Fantasy

SFX has a new poll - or rather two new polls. After the Greatest vampire poll, now they have Sexiest Characters in SciFi and Fantasy. There's a list of male characters and a list of female characters, and you can vote for three on each list (and you really can vote just once). In addition to the characters on their list, there's the write-in "other" option where you can another character not on the list (but I think you can add just one).

Is Indiana Jones your perfect man? Is Buffy your slaymate of the year? Who are the sci-fi and fantasy characters that get your hormones raging? That’s what we need to know, so welcome to our latest hot-blooded poll.

We want you to vote for your top sexist men and/or women in science fiction and fantasy, for a major countdown to be published in on the site next month.

You’re voting for characters, not actors,
because, let’s face it, while the fit bod of the person portraying the character is often a lot of the appeal, just as often it’s the personality of the character that counts as well. After all, we all know that Johnny Depp is a sex god, but is he really sexy as Willy Wonka? Or the Mad Hatter? On the other hand, Captain Jack Sparrow… yep, there’s a guy with the charm and the eyeliner to set hearts a-swooning.

On this page we’ve listed 100 of the guys who we think might be most popular, and on the next page 100 of the women we think might be most popular. Do not feel you have to vote just for them, though. If your favourites aren’t on the list, there’s a box at the bottom of each poll where you can add your own answers.

You have three choices in all in each list (because some people are are in touch with their inner metrosexuality and will want to vote in both): you can tick off three of the name we’ve suggested; or tick off two and add a name in the box at the bottom, or tick off one and add two names at the bottom, or simply write all three names in the box at the the bottom. We really don’t mind. The names we’ve suggested are pretty random so don’t feel restricted by them.
Oh and they made a mistake and wrote "Christopher Judge" instead of Teal'c, which is funny since they pointed out it's about the characters, not the actors. __________________
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