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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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I didn't think they looked faded at all.
Definitely not as vivid or bright.

And I'm glad the story is being so faithfull to the original. It was a great story. Unfortunately so many people these days will not even give it a try because it's 40 years old.
And I think the remake will give people even more reason (excuse) not to watch it now...

But a remake is something they'll give a try because it's "new and modern".
I've heard these same lines before when people talk about remaking old movies. People try new and modern because they are bombarded with new and modern. The original series is "original and as big as Star Wars in Japan".

That it's also faithful to the original gives them that great story combined with the modern animation techniques that the kids crave.
Dude, kids will be a fraction of this shows audience.

So you get new fans, but do so in a way that doesn't alienate the older ones.
Until some new fan comes up to me and says "hey i found this awesome new show called "Space Battleship Yamato"
Me: "Yeah, I watched the original version from the 70s".
Fan: "Original? no this series is original because...."
Me: "Because it takes all the great storyline from the original and flashes them up a bit with newer animation".
Fan: "yeah but 70s is old and looks gay"

And even if it's a remake, there is no appeal for me to watch it because it's not trying to do anything new, no new plot or reinvention of characters. They don't even try to shake it up a bit. I've seen this story already. I don't need to see it again.
"It's not that you can see the strings, it's that 40 years later you're still looking at them." - Steven Moffat
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