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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finally made a big dent in ST novelverse pile.

Am currently on David Mack's Warpath. I think what follows are Fearful Symmetry & Soul Key and then I'm caught up on the pre-Destiny DS9 novels. Is that right? Nothing after Soul Key in DS9 novels prior to the big changes in Destiny?

After I get caught up on DS9, I may go right to Destiny. I already know about the big Voyager related plot point in Before Dishonor. I just want to get caught up to Typhon Pact (the ones that feature DS9 characters plus we have David George's duology this year too).

Once I get caught up to current TNGverse Trek lit, I'll go back and read a few of the pre-Destiny TNG books like Before Dishonor, Articles of the Federation, Battle of Betazed... essentially I have most of the books between Diplomatic Implausibility (which I read back in the day) and Destiny yet to read (Footnote: There were so many "Time To" books I only picked up the last one. Was it ever collected? Are the whole "Time To" books recommended?)

Plus I still have all the Lost Era books to read including Buried Age and Terok Nor (but I can read those anytime as they're set in the past).

Whew.... that's a lot of trek read'n onthe horizon, but I'm excited.
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