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the next Trek TV series preview discussion

It could be 2-4 years from now but let's discuss the ways in which CBS would produce or license the show to a cable TV channel specifically how it would be previewed and promoted.

I have brought up the 2007 digital cinema screening of The Menagerie TOS-R episode to build buzz on the remastering of TOS when it came out on the HD-DVD format.

in 2010
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Spring the TV series Glee aired their pilot 4 months before the series started to build buzz.
TV week magazine mentioned it as a marketing trial by Fox network.
For the first time anyone in TV circles can recall, a network is using a pilot for a show not as the beginning of a series, but as the start of a marketing campaign.
Now Feb.20, 2012 TG Daily mentions
In anticipation of the March 1st premier of Awake, NBC has posted the entire pilot on YouTube.
It's only 10 days before Awake is on NBC but it is a promotional push of the first episode.
Since it takes such a large amount of money to build a Trek ship's set and costumes and an ensemble cast and a pilot is made a couple of months before it airs do you think it will get special digital cinema screening for a weekend or some big way for Trekkies to see it?

or like the Glee pilot screening do you think they would plan it a year in advance to produce the pilot and have a special screening to get feedback from fans before moving forward?

How do you think the next Trek TV series will specifically get promoted?
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