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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

I've been following this thread for a while, and, even though I'm not a huge fan of cut-n-paste starship design, I have enjoyed seeing the progression of Ian Keldon's design sensibility. A lot of these designs don't strike me as very sound from an engineering standpoint. And (maybe my biggest complaint towards this sort of design thought process) does Starfleet really need thousands of ship that are odd re-arrangements of cruiser parts?

That said, I do like several of the more utilitarian designs you've got here. Most recently the Saint Christopher. I like the Lafayette and the George Washington, too. (Though the Lafayette seems too big to be an escort, judging by the windows...)

The DVD set of TOS contains an interview with Matt Jefferies from shortly before he passed away. In it, he tells a story of a time when he was at some sort of convention and was asked to judge a contest of people's original Star Trek models. He made a bunch of people upset because the model he picked as the winner was built by a clear amateur who probably hadn't even discovered sandpaper yet. And this over many very beautifully assembled Enterprise kitbashes. When asked why he picked that one, he replied that it was the only original one, the other were just reassembled parts. Besides her sister ships, there are not really any ships on TOS, Federation or otherwise which feature any Connie parts. I really like fan designs which show us something really new. Though, as has been said, cut-n-paste is a good beginning. I know I've made my share of them as a kid myself.

So, Ian Keldon, keep up the good work.

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