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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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As much as I enjoyed the 2 parter, I really hope this is the last 24 esq story they do because its getting a little too silly even for Castle. A Boston Detective and writer have stopped an Nuclear attack on Boston and now world war 3 or at the least the USA from being crippled.
Boston???? The show is set in New York City. They even did some location filming in NYC for this one (though the production is based in LA).

The show really has issues with cliffhangers, the opening act was akward with so many things seemingly going wrong (Chair, Belt, Gun) and shouldn't her gun not work under water?
If I recall the lessons of Mythbusters correctly, it could probably get one shot off, but would be likely to jam thereafter.

What I found silly was that Beckett's car wasn't equipped with the kind of emergency hammer that's in increasingly common use these days, a simple tool you keep in your glove compartment which can be used to break open a car window if you crash in the water. Heck, I have one of those in my own glove compartment -- and it includes a blade for cutting the strap of a jammed seatbelt, as well as a built-in flashlight (and a tire gauge, but that's not relevant here). I'd think police vehicles would be equipped with such emergency tools as a matter of course.

Not to mention, how exactly does one shoot a seatbelt off? I assume she meant shooting the latch to break it open, but that's an iffy proposition and could send dangerous shrapnel flying into them.

I guess I'm not surprised by who the traitor turned out to be. They telegraphed the red-herring suspect a bit too obviously, if only because he and Sophia were the only significant guest characters who hadn't been eliminated yet.

I found the portrayal of the CIA too cartoony here, with the fancy underground command center and the instant magic hacking powers. I guess I've gotten used to (what I assume is) the more realistic portrayal of the agency in Covert Affairs.
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