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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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You got 2 Prototype techs already?
Did you bribe Gozer or something?
If so how much should you bribe him for.
5,000,000 energy credits and some blood wine. I guess it was just luck. I only ran about 7 STF's over the past 4 days, and I picked up 2 prototype and 1 rare tech (along with some rare salvage that got me MkXII ship weapons). They weren't kidding when the devs said they increased the drop rate for STF loot. I hope my luck holds out and I can get the engine prototype tech from the Cure without having to repeat it too much. Perhaps a few fleet runs are in order?

For the most part, I was in STF's with some PUGs, so it became a bit of a grind - but the rewards were worth it. After getting the second MACO XII component, I ran Infected space normal to test it out and we had it finished in under 15 minutes. It was the quickest I have ever done that STF with a random group of people.
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