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Re: Does It Get Better???

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That's what I never got about Suder, if he was a full telepath, first he would have been impressively valuable to the mission and second he would have laughed at the Vulcan's touch-telepathy-information-dump when he should have been capable of a much more "selective" inspection of his crewmates memories...

I assumed Suder was a gimp.
He was a gimp. He was explicitly referred to as such when we were introduced to him. For whatever reason, he did not have the telepathic/empathic abilities of the rest of his species, and this may have either contributed to or may have been the reason why he was such a psychopath. In fact, that's one of the reasons Tuvok did a mind meld with him. To his credit, the mind melds really did help him out.

Lt. Stadi would have been helpful to the mission had she not gotten herself killed in Caretaker. She was a Betazoid, too.
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