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Re: TOS On MeTV?

I watch with my girlfriend, a huge TNG fan, when we can. I like seeing her excitement of discovery. But I add my voice to the others above regarding editing. During commercials, I often have to explain what was cut.

In defense of MeTV, so far as I can tell they present all their other programming uncut. That's one of the joys of the network. I suspect that they're just airing what they were given -- that's what TOSR is.

All by herself, my girlfriend has noted that cropping of scenes is very evident. I think this is one of the changes they made to accomodate different, modern screen ratios?

I'm not a big fan of TOSR, but I have to say that, even on a conventional television, the new prints are very crisp, and the colors are more dazzling than ever.
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