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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

The Blu-ray release of the first season of Game of Thrones is loaded with extra features. Winter Is Coming has a rundown of them:

The Complete Guide to Westeros

A comprehensive, interactive guide of the houses, histories, and lands of Game of Thrones. The guide is broken down into three sections:

Houses –
Contains six gorgeously animated histories of the great houses as told by characters from the series: Robb and Bran (Stark), Catelyn (Arryn), Robert (Baratheon), Tywin (Lannister), Viserys (Targaryen) and Jeor Mormont (Night’s Watch). Also includes bios of each member of the house and their various servants and vassals.

Histories & Lore
– Nineteen animated histories of the Seven Kingdoms, as told by various characters from the series. Certain histories have multiple characters telling the same story from differing viewpoints. Here is the full list of histories with the character(s) that narrate each:

The Children of the Forest, The First Men, and the Andals – Bran
The Age of Heroes – Bran
The Old Gods and the New – Bran and Catelyn
The History of the Night’s Watch – Jeor, Luwin, Tywin
The Order of the Maesters – Luwin
Valyria & the Dragons – Viserys
The Field of Fire – Viserys, Robb
Mad King Aerys – Robert, Luwin, Tywin
Robert’s Rebellion – Robert, Viserys
The Sack of King’s Landing – Viserys, Robert, Luwin, Tywin

Lands – Learn more about the regions and lands of Westeros and Essos in this interactive map.

In-Episode Guide

The same content that is available in the Complete Guide, only accessible via an on-screen menu while watching the episode. The content available changes based on what is happening in the episode and certain aspects are only accessible once they are “unlocked” by the action on screen.

Anatomy of an Episode

A view into how they filmed episode six of the first season, with various behind-the-scenes features and interviews popping up throughout the episode.

Making Game of Thrones

A 30-minute look into the making of Game of Thrones. New interviews with Nina Gold and her casting associate Robert Sterne, Ramin Djawadi, Tom Martin (construction manager), Adam McInnes (vfx supervisor), Jim Warren (animal handler), and others. Of course, we also get quotes from David & Dan, GRRM, the directors and much of the cast as well. Some new cast interviews too, from Rory McCann, Alfie Allen, Kate Dickie, Iain Glen, and Finn Jones. The feature covers all aspects of the production from casting to set building, stunts and visual effects, costumes and more.

More Behind the Scenes Videos

Character Profiles – Short videos where the actors talks about the characters they play. Same as the ones released prior to Season One airing.

From the Book to the Screen –
GRRM and David & Dan talk about the challenges of adapting this story to television.

Creating the Show Open –
Interviews with Angus Wall and the Elastic team about how they created the title sequence.

Creating the Dothraki Language –
Interviews with David J. Peterson, David & Dan and the actors about creating and speaking the Dothraki language.

The Night’s Watch –
Interviews with GRRM, David & Dan and the Night’s Watch cast about the history and the ways of the Watch.

Hidden Dragon Eggs
– Six hidden dragon eggs that contain cast audition footage.

Episode Previews & Recaps

Short previews and recaps of each episode. These are the same videos that HBO released as the season was airing.

Episode Commentaries

Ep 1 – David Benioff & Dan Weiss
Ep 2 – Lena Headey, Mark Addy, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Ep 3 – Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead-Wright
Ep 4 – Bryan Cogman & Kit Harington
Ep 6 – Emilia Clarke, Harry Lloyd, Peter Dinklage, Dan Minahan
Ep 8 – George R. R. Martin
Ep 10 – David Benioff, Dan Weiss, Alan Taylor
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