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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

26. The Secret World of Arrietty (B)
27. Twelve Angry Men (A)

The Secret World of Arrietty: When the movie focuses on the "Borrowers" and the character of Arrietty especially, it's terrific. It really captures the wonder of these small characters trying to exist in the human world. The "Borrowers" (I'm still not sure why the movie didn't retain the original title of the children's book) also feature the movie's best voice acting and dialogue.

The movie doesn't work, really, when it focuses on the human characters, especially the boy. His dialogue is always forcing the character to wear his emotions on his sleeve, to the point where subtext is stated as text, and it doesn't work. The audience I saw the film with genuinely enjoyed the movie, but whenever the boy was on screen they were laughing at the movie, not with it. Despite this flaw, however, the movie still manages to succeed. It just falls short of being a masterpiece, which I honestly believe it would have been had this character been handled with more subtlety or been eliminated altogether.

Twelve Angry Men: I picked up the Criterion Blu-Ray of this title during their Valentine's Day sale, and I wasn't disappointed by the purchase. The movie, of course, I've seen before -- and it still holds up excellently. Great cast, great script, and great direction (although, from perusing the special features, it appears that a few of Lumet's more masterful camera moves were borrowed shot for shot from the original TV version). Easily one of the best TV-to-film adaptations ever produced.

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