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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I've seen Watchmen for the first time today, and oh boy, The Man of Steel is going to be a trainwreck...
I saw it right away in the theater and had the same reaction. I can't imagine I would like any film Zac Synder ever makes.
Snyder hasn't made a good film since Dawn of the Dead, imo - and that was no masterpiece. I only have faith in this flick for four reasons:
1. Christopher Nolan
2. I can't see them really screwing it up with such a big-time cast and budget. They seem to really be pulling out all the stops on this one.
3. The last film failed, so they probably want to get this one right.
4. Christopher Nolan
All of what you have said has gives me hope too. I like Snyder's visual style so that doesn't worry me at all. My worries are about having a story that is intriguing and satisfying and well told. Having Nolan on board gives me hope that we will achieve a good and well told story.
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