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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

The Franz Joseph stuff is indeed kitbash writ large, and they look it. I am no fan of his work in that respect. The Reliant is also a bit more than a kitbash, as shuffling components around wont make that whole rear section or the roll bar. Genuine 'kitbash' plastic models like Forbin makes are a whole other world away from the cut & paste artwork that litters the internet. They take all sorts of parts and disguise or modify them to make genuinely new models.

I am with Sojourner on this, you should push to improve and make your own designs with your own stamp on them. Kitbashes tend to be the first rung on the ladder of design and creativity, and it should only be considered a stepping stone to other things. I'd much rather see an amateur attempt at a model or drawing than the best cut & paste work.
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