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Speaking of Miranda, it seems she might not be a squad member in ME3, which would be odd considering the emphasis attached to her character in the previous game.
The "list of Kinect commands" that was released gives a list of squad members. I don't know if it was a slipup or misinformation, but I'm assuming the former and that the list is correct.

But I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't. After all, you're spending ME3 working for the Alliance, not Cerberus. (At least, I'm assuming that's why the Normandy has been done up in Alliance colors... )

The Alliance isn't exactly going to forgive-and-forget Miranda working for the most notorious terrorist organization in Council space. Shepherd at least has the "I'm a Spectre" excuse, and as we can see in the demo even that seems to have only saved him from summary execution; he's still jailed & awaiting trial...
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