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Re: Your Love For Amok Time !!!

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One bit o' wackiness, though neither of Spock's parents show up, and they aren't even mentioned. And it does not appear that T'Pring's folks are there, either. Now, hers might be dead, but his aren't. A marriage of your child is a major life event, and Spock was not estranged from his parents. A simple, "Sarek and Amanda couldn't be here." would have fixed that.
But wasn't Spock estranged from Sarek and Amanda?

From Journey to Babel: "AMANDA: You don't understand the Vulcan way, Captain. It's logical. It's a better way than ours. But it's not easy. It has kept Spock and Sarek from speaking as father and son for eighteen years."

I understand they only patched up their relationship because Enterprise happened to be the ship ferrying the diplomats to the conference and after Sarek's heart trouble Spock was there to (grudgingly) save him.
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