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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

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The Navy does not scale down a carrier hull to make a PT boat.

Most of the designs (or very similar) up thread have been around the internet a thousand times. They take little time or work and it shows.

That is most unfair. Even the simplest 'kitbashes' take a fair bit of time and a certain skill level.
Everyone who takes the time and patience to come up with these designs has my appreciation. The Franz Joseph destroyer/scout/dreadnought and TWOK Reliant are just basic 'kitbashes' on the Enterprise but we still love them.
I've really enjoyed this thread, please keep posting. As soon as my post count is high enough i will be posting my own designs. I also make no excuses for using Vances and Captain Shades parts sheets and i look forward to peoples comments good and bad!
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