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OK. I wasn't sure what to expect for the CGI trailer for ME3. The previous ones for the ME and and ME2 were alright but something to me always seemed off about the animation. But this one, I am not ashamed to say I loved. There were a few issues here and there, but overall I thought it was awesome.

On the side of game details it looks like we might be getting BOTH the Mako and the Hammerhead (hopfully with a lil' more armour) back. Plus we got our first look at Systems Alliance Dreadnoughts! (awesome, even if it don't jive 100% with the codex)

Also go to see some more of Ashley's new armour, which I like. Glad to have her back at my side. Would have liked to have had Garrus at Shepard's side as well, but hey, nothing's perfect.

Note: This was still a trimmed down version. Full version out this Tuesday!
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